What is antique brick? What are the advantages and disadvantages of antique tiles?

It is a kind of ceramic tiles that are often used in home decoration. Antique tiles evolved from colorful glazed tiles. In fact, antique tiles are glazed porcelain tiles. Antique tiles are a new variety that has emerged in ceramic tiles in recent years. It is different from polished tiles and tiles.
Advantages of ancient bricks: 1. There are quite a few patterns of antique bricks, and each of its patterns is very similar to the appearance of the real object. The overall antique bricks are relatively large, so they are mostly used in kitchens, Bathrooms, living rooms and other places, because its color is of a primitive form, so no matter how long it is used, its appearance is the same as the state of use, so basically there is no need to worry about its old appearance! 2. The surface of the antique tiles can also be coated with a layer of glaze you like to make your floor look very individual. The surface of the antique tiles can be uneven, so the anti-slip effect is very obvious . There is still a kind of pollution in our world called light pollution. The surface of dioxin antique bricks is not so smooth, and part of the light can be absorbed, so it is unlikely to cause light pollution! 3. The water absorption of antique tiles is the better one among all floor tiles. It will basically not deform after absorbing water, so in places where water is easy to accumulate such as bathrooms and kitchens, the use of antique tiles is Appropriately, the anti-fouling ability of antique tiles is much better than polished tiles. Especially in some places with heavy oil pollution, polished tiles generally need to be replaced and re-decorated after two or three years of use. However, antique tiles There is no such trouble at all!
Disadvantages of antique bricks: the disadvantage of antique bricks is that it is not easy to do some fine work such as edging, which will lead to a large amount of engineering when the room is being decorated. Workers with poor skills are Let the room not achieve good results. For people who like to brighten the space, it is not a good idea to use it, especially in some rooms with sunbeams. The use of antique bricks will make the rooms that are not very bright appear darker.
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