What is called full-body marble?


The whole body marble tile is a kind of marble tile, and it is also a kind of tile formed after polishing the glazed tile. It is just that the whole body marble tile pays more attention to the shaping of the tile and the original principle is also the marble tile. On the basis, a ceramic tile product is combined with bricks similar to the surface texture of the ceramic tile.

In addition, all kinds of traditional simple glazed marble tile products have begun to flood at this stage, and the emergence of whole-body marble tiles undoubtedly injects new ideas into the already weak marble tile market. At the same time, it also saved the awkward situation of serious homogenization of the product category of marble tiles.

Compared with traditional marble tile products, the whole body marble tile has the advantage of making great improvements in the product's bricks. The traditional marble tile is directly exposed to white after cutting or edging and chamfering. The green body, the exposed white body from the decoration effect is not beautiful, and the whole body marble tile solves the technical problems of the existing simple glazed marble tiles such as slotting and chamfering and other deep processing and unsightly exposed bottom, and at the same time, it enhances the tile texture decoration. The three-dimensional texture.

The production process and steps of the whole body marble tile?

1. Preparation of porcelain brick body powder: mix powders of various colors for use;

2. Multi-tube cloth press press molding: multiple steps in one step The color powder fills the press cavity with multi-tube cloth, and is pressed into a shape. The formed body has a specific texture;

3. The body is dried: the green body is dried at 180℃;

4. Applying glaze: drench the surface of the green body by glazing, and control the specific gravity of the glaze slurry to 1.8g/cm3 and the thickness to be 0.5mm;

5. Post-glaze drying: Dry the tile after applying the glaze at 80℃, and the drying time is controlled at 20min;

6. Surface inkjet printing: use a jet printer to print patterns on the surface of the tile. After the multi-tube fabric is pressed and fired, the texture and texture of the blank are close to the hue and texture of the surface pattern surface layer of inkjet printing, and the thickness of the surface inkjet layer is controlled within 0.3~1mm;

7. Finish: The ceramic tile body after inkjet printing is calcined at a high temperature not lower than 1200℃, and the firing cycle is controlled at 70min. After high temperature calcination, a semi-finished ceramic tile with a whole body texture and texture is obtained; /p>

8. Edging: Use conventional edging processing equipment to edging the semi-finished bricks to obtain a natural surface of porcelain tiles with a whole body texture and texture.

The advantages of whole body marble tiles?

The full-body marble tiles on the tile body are close to the depth of the natural stone rock formation effect, and the texture is more transparent; the multi-tube cloth technology, from the bottom of the body to the glaze layer, makes the surface and the inside look the same. The brick body can achieve the effect of texture presentation from any angle and any cutting method, and achieve the whole texture; the whole body marble tile products are pressed and formed by a high-tonnage press and fired at a high temperature, and the finished brick body is more delicate in color and higher in performance and quality.

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