What is so good about terrazzo tiles?


1. The surface of the terrazzo tiles is specially treated, so the surface is not easy to get dust, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and has a very long service life.

2. Secondly, the mirror effect is very good, its surface is as shiny as natural stone, and the luminosity can reach 105 degrees or more.

3. Very good maintenance, saving the cost of later cleaning and maintenance, usually only need to use electrostatic vacuum to push the dust, and regularly clean the surface of the terrazzo with a neutral detergent.

4. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, no peculiar smell and no pollution, so the frequency of use is getting higher and higher.

5. The surface color is gorgeous, the pattern is horizontal and vertical, the connection is dense and seamless, and the whole is very beautiful.

The surface of the terrazzo tile is treated to have a brighter surface, and its anti-slip effect is better than that of ceramic tiles. Terrazzo floor tiles have a very hard surface. It can be said that its hardness is not worse than that of granite tiles, and the wear resistance of this product is also very good. Terrazzo floor tiles are also rich in design and color, and they are free to match. Generally speaking, there will be no cracking phenomenon, and this product will not generate dust. If it is used in the living room tile, it will look cleaner as a whole.

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