What is the cause of Foshan ceramic tile glaze cracks?


Foshan ceramic tile glaze cracking, as the name suggests, refers to the occurrence of small cracks on the surface of the ceramic tile, and the cracks are all reticulated or similar to turtle back patterns, which is also called 'cracking' phenomenon. This glaze cracking phenomenon is usually It only occurs in the ceramic tiles of the oil-drenching process, and the low-cost glazed tiles are prone to glaze cracking. Therefore, you must pay special attention when buying ceramic tiles. Don't be tempted by the price. Be vigilant if the price is too cheap. So what is the cause of glaze cracking?

   glaze cracks generally only occur in the glaze layer, that is, the intermediate layer between the brick and the glaze, because the expansion coefficient of the brick and the glaze is different, when the ceramic tile is used on the wall due to temperature and humidity Due to the influence of environmental factors, bricks and glazes with different expansion coefficients will produce different shrinkage, leading to glaze cracking.

   How should we prevent glaze cracking on tiles?

   First of all, choosing a good ceramic tile product is the key to avoiding glaze cracking, because good ceramic tile products have to go through strict physical and chemical tests. The expansion coefficients of such ceramic tile products and glaze have been carried out. Strict control, and control is to reduce the expansion coefficient of the green body and the glazed surface to a low level due to environmental factors. This is the main reason why good glazed tiles are not cheap.

   There is also a need to pay attention to the construction. Regarding the choice of tile paste accessories, use the cement mortar that is clever and appropriate, and avoid the use of excessively high-strength cement mortar. It can cause mechanical cracks and cracks. At the same time, avoid using cement mortar with too low strength. If the cement mortar with too low strength sticks to unstable tiles, it will fall off.

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