What is the color of kitchen tiles?


The kitchen is a place where food is cooked. It is exposed to water, oil, fire, etc. every day, so the color and quality of kitchen tiles are particularly important. Therefore, today I will start sharing from the kitchen tile color, and also share some complete kitchen matching methods, hoping to help everyone.
What is the color of kitchen tiles?

1. Smaller kitchens have doors, windows, and cabinets. In order to maintain space coordination and not waste, choose tiles with small grids. Avoid waste and cutting problems.

2. When the kitchen area is operating, the environment is a high temperature environment, so cool or light colors should be selected as the main tile color, such as white, light green, gray, blue, yellow, etc., so that it can be used in Feeling the coolness of spring at high temperatures can also expand the space, making it less dull and depressing.

3. The material of the ceramic tiles is good matte. Although it feels difficult to clean, it is actually very easy to clean. Its delicate and simple Guanze shows the owner's taste and the taste of home decoration.

Guide to the correct way to match the kitchen

1. Wall tile color selection

The kitchen operation is in a high temperature environment, and the color is of course cold or light. This is not only It can make the space bigger without making people feel depressed.

2. Wall tiles on the back of the cabinet

Many people have a complete set of cabinets, but the wall on the back of the kitchen should also be covered with tiles to help waterproof; second to reduce moisture Corrosion to the cabinet and prevent mold; thirdly, it can be beneficial to the leveling of the cabinet floor and wall.

3. Kitchen wall tile waistline

The kitchen wall can not have waistline. It is recommended to use tiles to decorate the kitchen, which can create a lively and pleasant atmosphere and make the housewives have a very happy mood Cooking. At the same time, the space between the floor cabinet and the wall cabinet can be reduced, so that the whole will not feel very cumbersome and depressing.

4. Specifications of kitchen wall tiles

Kitchens are small, usually only doors, windows, and cabinets. Such a kitchen is more coordinated for space and more spacious. Therefore, it is recommended to choose tiles with relatively small specifications, so that tiles will not be wasted and cutting problems will also be avoided.

5. The texture of kitchen wall tiles

For kitchen tiles, choose matte kitchens. Many people think that matte tiles are not easy to clean. In fact, this idea is wrong. Generally, good-quality matte tiles are very easy to clean, and the materials are delicate and have a simple luster, which can highlight the owner's elegant aesthetics and make the kitchen more harmonious and natural.

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