What is the current trend of bathroom products

The sanitary ware literally means sanitation and bathing. The sanitary ware is commonly known as a bathroom fittingsmainly used for bathing. It is a space and supplies for daily hygiene activities such as defecation, bathing, and washing. At this stage, sanitary ware is not just a single sanitary ware. With the acceleration of people’s life, the requirements for various products have increased, and various sanitary wares have appeared. So, for the moment, our country’s sanitary ware What is the current situation and trend of supplies? Let’s take a look with the editor! 1. Leisure sanitary ware: the non-uniform bathroom specifications restrict the development of the industry. Due to the inconsistent bathroom specifications of domestic housing, it has led to differences in consumer demand for sanitary products, and it is difficult to mass produce. This is the fundamental reason that restricts the rapid growth of leisure sanitary ware. 2. Product quality: the lack of uniform standards in the industry. An industry that lacks product quality standards means that it is difficult to form a barrier to entry, and profit-seeking merchants are flocking to seize market share. The healthy development of the sanitary ware industry is inseparable from the formulation and implementation of product quality standards. 3. Short industry history: It is not possible to accurately predict market trends and the status quo of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is related to the short development history of the sanitary ware industry and insufficient industry precipitation. Business owners lack experience, are unfamiliar with brand operations, and cannot accurately predict market trends. 4. Ceramic sanitary ware: It is difficult to lead the industry with backward core technology. 'The sanitary ware industry has core technology, which is manifested in the toilet. China's sanitary ware industry has failed to break through the core technology, and it is difficult to lead the industry's development trend and control the industry's right to speak.' Home sanitary ware industry As the popular trend of development, the public’s choice of sanitary ware has gradually shifted to the aesthetic consumption principles of health and environmental protection, simple personality, and supremacy of function, and the new enjoyment of comfortable sanitary ware has also begun to be highly respected by people.
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