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What is the difference between engineering wear-resistant tiles and polished tiles?

by:CBM     2021-06-20

Ceramic tiles are one of the indispensable decoration materials for decoration. There are various types of ceramic tiles on the market now, so consumers can choose how to start.

2, the color is different

The color of polished tiles is relatively single, there is not much change, and the difference between the various colors of the tile surface is not too strong, but the polished glazed tiles Not the same, polished glazed tiles are more colorful than polished tiles. The polished glazed tiles are glaze after being printed with patterns. The colors should be brighter, and they are not restricted at all. Red, black, yellow, blue, and purple are completely fine.


4, different abrasion resistance

The polished glaze tile is added to the surface of the polished tile. In contrast, layered glaze has good brightness and good transparency, but the degree of wear resistance is not as good as polished tiles. The surface of polished tiles has thick crystals and is more wear-resistant, while the surface of polished tiles is layered with glaze, which is very thin and has less wear resistance.

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