What is the packaging of the bathroom mirror?

When buying bathroom fittingsmirrors, some friends worry about the damage of the cbm mirror surface during transportation. In fact, there is no need to worry at all. Today, I will introduce you to the common packaging of bathroom mirrors. First of all, after the bathroom mirror is produced, a protective film will be attached to the mirror surface. This protective film can be removed after the customer installs the mirror. For rectangular bathroom mirrors, safety corners are also placed on the four corners of the mirror on the basis of the protective film to protect the four corners of the cbm mirror from damage. Then there is carton packaging. Regardless of whether the mirrors are rectangular or other shapes, they are all placed in a rectangular carton, and then a long strip of foam is placed around the cbm mirror to protect the mirror. Generally, there are three safety icons on the outside of the bathroom fittingsmirror carton, such as a carton with three icons of upward, fragile, and rain. In order to better protect the mirrors during logistics and transportation, the bathroom fittingsmirrors will also be put on a wooden frame before being distributed, and the wooden frame can play a fixed and protective role. The above article is from CBM. CBM, accompany you smart every day.
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