What is the waistline? what's the effect?


The waist line mainly refers to a decoration method in architecture. It is generally a horizontal horizontal line decorated on the building wall. On the outer wall, it is usually on the upper or lower edge of the window to form a long horizontal strip. , To achieve the role of decoration.

The waist line is one of the decorative lines of the home, which can play a beautiful role in the decoration, and can also highlight or inlay the lines on the wall. The use of the waistline is generally calculated based on the length of the line centerline, and the usage of the waistline is obtained from the perimeter of the space. It can also be customized for wall decoration of the waistline.

The waistline used in general home decoration is mainly ceramic waistline brick and resin waistline materials. The resin waistline has a very strong relief effect, which is more suitable for European style. Home Decoration. In home decoration, waistline and flower pieces are inseparable. Both waistline and flower pieces can make the space get rid of monotony and become rich. However, if there is only one, there is no transition, the whole decoration will also appear abrupt.

In addition, the waistline also has metal materials and PS foam materials. These two types are mainly used in the decoration of large buildings, such as hotels, For shopping malls, clubs, etc., the metal waistline can better reflect the atmosphere and grade of the entire building.

Besides the waistline can play a certain finishing touch in space, proper use can also reflect the life personality, taste and taste of the occupants.

The waist line is a method of architectural decoration. It generally refers to the horizontal horizontal line on the building wall. On the outer wall, it is usually on the upper or lower edge of the window (also You can pick out the bricks 60×120mm in other parts to make a long horizontal band, mainly for decoration. This is often seen in some earlier buildings with relatively simple decoration. This method is also used in the construction, but some use different decorative materials or different colors to make the waist line, and use different colors of tiles (there are special waist line tiles) on the wall of the bathroom to paste a circle of horizontal Line, also called waist line.

The waistline bricks are mostly printed bricks with colorful, lovely and exquisite patterns on them. In order to match the specifications of the wall tiles, the waistline bricks are set to be 6 cm high, 20 The centimeter-wide format, which functions like a beautiful belt, wraps around the brick wall, adds color to the monotonous wall and changes the atmosphere of the space. At present, the waistline can be made into photo-level patterns: use a flatbed printer (waistline printing machine) to print your favorite pictures on tiles, wood boards and other decorative materials, and the patterns, sizes, and colors are all personalized.

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