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What kind of tiles are used for kitchen and bathroom tiles?

by:CBM     2021-06-17

In the general decoration process, some spaces can be expressed with colorful tiles. Ceramic tiles can show 'alternative' visual sense.

Indoor tiles can be divided into wall tiles and floor tiles according to the place where they are laid. Strictly speaking, wall tiles are ceramic products. Floor tiles are usually porcelain products. Their physical properties are different. The two are very different from the selection of clay ingredients to the firing process. The water absorption rate of wall tiles is about 10%, and the specific water absorption rate is only 1% of floor tiles are several times higher.

Minmetals tips: Floor tiles with low water absorption rate should be laid on the floors of kitchens and bathrooms, because the floor will often be washed with a lot of water so that the tiles will not be affected and not absorb stains. The wall tiles are made of glazed pottery, with a high moisture content, and their backs are generally rough. This is also good for the adhesive to stick the wall tiles on the wall

So, kitchens and bathrooms often use whole Bricks are used as floor tiles. After firing, the surface of this kind of brick is polished, and it has good anti-slip and abrasion resistance, which is generally referred to as 'slip-proof floor tiles'.

For kitchen and bathroom wall tiles, glazed tiles are often used, that is, tiles whose surfaces have been glazed. Generally speaking, glazed tiles are richer in colors and patterns than polished tiles, and at the same time play a role of anti-fouling. This kind of ceramic tile has compact structure, high strength, low water absorption, strong stain resistance, and is widely used in the decoration process.

When choosing tiles, the color can be selected according to the utensils in the kitchen and bathroom to achieve overall coordination, and the size should also be based on the size of your own space. Glossy and highly reflective tiles are not suitable for use in the bathroom, because the harsh light can make people uncomfortable. You can choose tiles of different colors to be used alternately to create a dreamlike feeling.

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