What kind of tiles should be used in general kitchens?


When decorating a kitchen, you must consider not only fireproofing, anti-skid, but also waterproofing. This is something that all materials need to pay attention to, and the same is true for the choice of tiles. The ceramic tiles must ensure the basic beauty and meet the requirements of the kitchen environment. So what kind of ceramic tiles should be used in the kitchen? Next, let Minmetals Ceramics introduce to you! The choice of the color of kitchen tiles:

The space of the kitchen itself is relatively small. If you want to highlight the effect of the large kitchen space, you must choose light-colored tiles. Because light-colored tiles are conducive to the effect of expanding the field of vision, A stylish effect can be created in a small kitchen space, so light-colored tiles are also sought after by many consumers. The durable pure white is a popular color. It doesn't even need any dark flowers or diagonal patterns or patterns. It can only be embellished with decorative lines and flower pieces in various colors to bring out a bright and fashionable feeling. Light blue, apple green, light purple and other cool-toned tiles are also very popular, and they are often laid together with white tiles.

What issues should be paid attention to when choosing kitchen tiles?

Greasy stains on the wall are difficult to remove

Generally speaking, bright glazed tiles are suitable for kitchen wall tiles, because they are not easy to absorb oil stains and are more convenient to clean.

The floor is slippery and stagnant

There are two aspects to pay attention to when choosing kitchen floor tiles: First, the floor tiles should be non-slip, and it is better to choose tiles with slightly uneven surfaces or with anti-slip treatment ; Second, the size of floor tiles should not exceed 350cm×350cm, otherwise it is inconvenient to handle when making slopes, and it will be easy to accumulate water during use in the future.

The thermal expansion of ceramic tiles

The paving of ceramic tiles plays an important role in whether it will expand and crack in the future. Usually, the kitchen wall tiles adopt the wet paving method, and the floor tiles adopt the dry paving method. The standard paving procedures for wall tiles are: grass-roots cleaning treatment-plastering the bottom ash-selecting bricks-soaking-arranging bricks-elastic lines-pasting standard points-pasting tiles-jointing and wiping-cleaning.

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