What material is better for ceramic tiles?


The types of ceramic tiles are based on their production process and characteristic glazed tiles, full-body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles and mosaics. The knowledge of ceramic tiles is sufficient to decorate the room and make the best use of it.

Whole body brick: The surface of the whole body brick is glazed and the color of the reverse surface is famous. The whole body brick is more wear-resistant, and its color is better than glazed bricks. Outdoor walkways and other surfaces are generally less used on wall surfaces.

Features: glazed porcelain tiles, non-slip and wear resistance, as the said non-slip bricks, the whole body brick is due to the type of bricks. The price is moderate, quite popular with consumers

Glazed tiles: glazed tiles are treated with fired glaze on the surface of glazed tiles. Generally speaking, glazed tiles have richer colors and patterns than polished tiles and have anti-fouling glaze. The wear-resistant polished tiles of the glaze on the surface of the tile are based on the raw materials. Ceramic glazed tiles. Porcelain glazed tiles are based on luster and sub-bright.

Features: Applicable kitchen should be used Bright glazed tiles should be matt glazed tiles. Oil stains enter the brick surface. It is difficult to clean glazed tiles. Glazed tiles are suitable for bathroom balconies.

Polished tiles: The whole body of polished tiles is similar to polished tiles. The surface of the whole body brick is rough, and the polished tiles should be bright and clean. The type of bricks is high in hardness and non-wear-resistant. Use the basic polished tiles of the bleeding technology to make a variety of imitation stone, imitation wood effect type bleeding type polished tiles, micro-powder type polished tiles, tube cloth polished tiles, micro The scope of application of spar is used in other indoor spaces except the bathroom and kitchen

Features: the whole body brick is polished and polished, the brick has high hardness and is non-wearing

Vitrified tiles: vitrified tiles are made of quartz sand and mud according to a certain ratio. After polishing, the surface needs to be polished. The mirror surface is smooth and translucent. The hard type vitrified tiles have water absorption, edge straightness, bending strength, and acid resistance. Alkaline and other surfaces are better than ordinary glazed tiles, polished tiles and granite vitrified tiles. The defects are exposed to dust, oil and other easily penetrated by the polished pores. The main surface tiles belong to the scope of polished tiles. The applicable range of vitrified tiles is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. , Aisle, etc.

Features: a kind of high-temperature fired porcelain tiles, the hard-type polished tiles are scratched, and the vitrified tiles are still safe

Mosaic: The special kind of mosaic tiles are composed of dozens of bricks. The phase bricks are acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, abrasion-resistant, water seepage and pressure-resistant, and easy to break. The main ceramic mosaics, marble mosaics, and glass mosaics are suitable for delicate and colorful colors. It is widely used in indoor areas, wall surfaces and outdoor wall surfaces.

Features: thin, hard, acid, alkali, abrasion, water seepage, pressure, and easy to break, and color is widely used

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