What material is better for the wall decoration of the villa?


Villa wall decoration should use different materials according to different areas. Tiles are more suitable for the walls of the hall, and wallpaper for the rooms is more suitable.

Villa decoration items have the following points: 1. When designing villa decoration, we must pay attention to the reasonable use of structure. The partial detail design is a symbol of showing the owner's personality and elegant life interest. Under a reasonable plan layout, it focuses on the expression of the facade, and pays attention to the use of glass, stone, texture, and paint to create a modern and casual living environment.

2, in the design process of the villa, the designer first considers whether the use of the entire space is reasonable, and on this basis to create elegant and novel The design, because the irrationality of the decoration pattern of some villas will affect the use of the entire space. Reasonably design the wall and use the structure of the wall to better describe the owner’s beautiful home. Especially in the application of common slope roofs, pillars and other structures in villas, it can reflect the villa's uniqueness.

There are many materials for wall decoration, such as ceramic tiles, diatom mud, and latex paint. From the perspective of safety and environmental protection, I think the villa decoration uses diatom mud to decorate the wall Well, diatom mud has the following advantages:

(1) Eliminate formaldehyde: indoor The harmful substances that are continuously emitted every day, the diatom mud can be kept open, how much is released, and how much is decomposed.

(2) Deodorization and deodorization: diatom mud can remove indoor environmental pollution Various peculiar smells, such as fishy smell, pet body odor and smoke smell, can keep the indoor air fresh at all times.

(3) Improve sleep: diatom mud can be released per square centimeter per second 1869 negative oxygen ions, which are floating around in the air, make the room as fresh as nature. In addition, diatom mud can also release far infrared rays, which can effectively regulate human microcirculation and improve people's sleep quality.

(4) Humidity control and sterilization: The humidity control function of diatom mud is prepared 4~6 times of long charcoal and bamboo charcoal. When the room is humid, the micropores of diatom mud can suck in water molecules in the air and store them; when the air is dry, they can release water molecules for humidity control, so people call diatom mud ' A wall that will breathe'

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