What problems should be paid attention to in bathroom decoration

1. Measure the pit distance of the toilet before decoration. Some owners have already bought the toilet without measuring the pit distance. In this case, if the pit distance is not correct, they cannot be installed. We are buying a toilet. Before, you must measure the pit distance and choose a toilet with a suitable pit distance.  2, the toilet should not be facing the bathroom fittingsdoor    This is very taboo. The toilet faces the bathroom fittingsdoor, and it is a bit embarrassing to flush the toilet directly when the door is opened. So when planning, everyone should try to avoid this from happening. 3. Do not use the above counter basin. Some families feel that using the above counter basin will be more beautiful and fashionable. There are also many more personalized above counter basin designs, but in future use, this is not the case. Above counter basins are easy to accumulate. Dust, and the outside of the basin will easily get dirty, which will bring a lot of trouble to the cleaning work in the future. It is really better to use an under-counter basin. 4. Pay attention to the installation of mirror cabinets. Although many families consider that using cbm mirror cabinets will increase some storage space, the use of cbm mirror cabinets is not very convenient, especially the kind of mirror cabinets with swing doors that have a wash inside. The milk seems to be inappropriate. I am washing my face. If I open the mirror cabinet, it will be very inconvenient. The cbm mirror surface is also easy to get dirty.
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