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What should I do if the tiles in the bedroom aisle appear empty in a small area?

by:CBM     2021-06-22

There are generally two reasons for tile hollowing:

1, construction problems;

2, ceramic tiles problems, If the sintering of the tiles is not stable, it is possible that the four corners are flat and the middle is drummed. If it is a brick problem, even if the worker spreads the mortar over the brick surface, the cement will still be empty after shrinking, especially after a long time. It is better to rework, but it is very troublesome to knock on the tiles. If the drum tiles are on the side, it is better. If you should pay attention to the tiles in the middle when knocking, it will be based on the actual number of tiles that need to be replaced when preparing. Prepare three or two more.

There are generally two ways to repair the hollowing of tiles:

1. Replace the tiles: Advantages: solve the hollowing Phenomenon shortcomings; time-consuming and laborious, it is necessary to destroy the existing tiles, cut with an electric saw from the middle, and expand to the surroundings. At the same time, it also needs to cut the cement under the tiles at the same time; there is some small waste, the main thing is destroying When the drum tiles are empty, there is a danger of damaging the surrounding tiles. If this possibility does happen, wouldn't it be more troublesome.

2. Advantages of grouting filling: saving time and effort, no waste Disadvantages: only remedial measures, alleviating the hollowing phenomenon to a certain extent

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