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What should I do if the wall of the house is moldy?

by:CBM     2021-06-20

How can I renovate my home if the wall is moldy? After a long time of use or the rainy season in the south, the wall is prone to mold or fall off. What should I do in response to this situation? ?The moldy wall is not only poor in appearance, but also seriously affects people's daily life, so after this we need to be ready to renovate the wall, so how do we renovate the wall?

1 Cleaning the wall

Once the wall becomes moldy, it is easy to chalk and fall off. Therefore, when refurbishing, you need to do basic treatment on the wall first, remove some of the more severe chalking and re-use white Cement painting. After removing the painted wall, it must be polished, which is conducive to various operations and painting in the later period.

2. Apply primer

The moldy wall surface must be painted with the primer first during the renovation process. The primer can effectively protect the wall surface against alkali and moisture, and it can also be well opposed. The paint effectively protects and improves the texture and effect of the topcoat. If the primer is not applied directly during the renovation of the moldy wall, it will easily cause moldy bubbles on the wall in the future, so the bottom of the wall The application of lacquer is very important.

3. Repair the wall

Some walls are partially damaged, and some walls are completely undamaged. For this kind of walls, if they are partially repaired, they will easily produce chromatic aberration, so it is recommended to do It is possible to choose large-area repairs, which is helpful to avoid the large color difference on the whole and bring unfavorable effects on aesthetics.

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