What should I pay attention to when leaving a seam?


1. How big should the gap be filled?

Generally, the gap of seamless brick should be 1-1.5mm, but not less than 1mm. For ordinary tiles, it is roughly between 3-5mm. In addition, the standards that should be adopted during construction are also determined according to actual factors such as the type of bricks and tiles, the size of the specifications, and the size of the overall area of u200bu200bthe paving.

2. Widening treatment

Paving tiles for special effects can also widen the tile gaps. For example, it is advisable to leave wide seams for antique bricks, exterior wall bricks, cultural bricks with special effects. In addition, if the tiles are laid in winter, pay attention to the gaps to be slightly enlarged to prevent thermal expansion and contraction, and the caulking will squeeze each other.

3. The cross-stitched paving is more beautiful

When consumers buy, they should ask the seller for the special cross locator (with width 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, etc.) to ensure that the tile joints are straight and uniform in size.

4. The color of the beauty seam agent is rich, and the anti-fouling effect is also greatly improved.

Seamless materials continue to improve, and the colors are more diverse, which can basically meet the color matching needs of ceramic tiles. Secondly, the anti-fouling performance has also been greatly improved. Products such as sealants, beautifiers, and beautifiers are no longer prone to problems such as easy dirt, yellowing, and mildew.

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