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What to do with tile hollowing?

by:CBM     2021-06-19

1. The repair of floor tile hollowing is divided into three situations:

(1) If the corners of the floor tiles are partially hollowed, the seams around the hollow of the floor tiles can be removed. After filling the inserts, pour cement mortar and tap the hollow of the floor tiles to allow the cement slurry to penetrate to repair the hollow.

(2) If a single floor tile is found to be hollowed out by more than 3% of the standard, you can ask the decorator to pry open the tiles and re-lay them. The method is very simple. Just take out the empty floor tiles, suck them straight out with a suction cup, and then re-lay them. This time, you must pay attention to the details. Do not re-lay them in this way, which will cost a lot of people and things.

(3) If the floor tile paving area is more than 1/3 hollow, you need to pry off all the floor tiles, and then re-lay the floor tiles. Under normal circumstances, it is mainly the economic loss caused by the construction party, and the construction party shall bear the costs incurred in the rework process.

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