What type of tiles are good for the bathroom?


The essential part of bathroom decoration is to choose tiles of appropriate style and size to meet the individual needs of the owner. The choice of bathroom tile size will directly affect the overall style of bathroom decoration . Therefore, when choosing the size of bathroom tiles, it is necessary to pay attention to adapt to the overall structure of the bathroom, and to ensure that in most cases, it can be consistent with the indoor style, so that the selected tiles can give people a natural and harmonious feeling. The size selection of bathroom tiles can also be inspired by some new bathroom tile effect pictures. Ceramic tiles are divided into two categories, namely glazed tiles and non-glazed tiles. Glazed tiles are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms, while non-glazed tiles are mainly used in areas such as living rooms. In general, the lower the water absorption, the better the quality, the better the decorative effect, and the more comfortable to use. Choose ceramic tiles with better materials, because tile decoration is different from wood floor decoration. It is very troublesome to re-decorate the ceramic tiles. Pay attention to the color of bathroom floor tiles when choosing. The waist line should be integrated. Horizontal and vertical waist lines can be selected according to the overall matching effect. The waist line pattern and the color of the tiles should be coordinated. At the same time, pay attention to the color of bathroom tiles and wall tiles as a whole. From the overall consideration, the floor tiles and wall tiles must be harmonious and unified. It can be changed in the collage method and other coordinated tiles, or locally and other materials Combine.

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