What you need to know about new house decoration


What you need to know about the new house decoration:

Before the decoration, did you search the world for 'decorationIdeally, it is either improper matching or serious color difference and quality problems, which is really troublesome!

There is too much of this situation during the decoration season every year. It is a waste of time and energy not to mention a waste of money. It hurts to think about it.

In the decoration of the house, the living room is actually important. It is equivalent to a person's face. Think about whether your relatives and friends come to your house and open the door to see the living room. So what tiles do I need to choose in the living room?
Generally, light-colored and wear-resistant polished tiles are better. They can block the gray layer and make the living room look simple and wear-resistant. Children playing in the living room will have little effect on the tiles.

The kitchen also needs to be thoughtful. The kitchen has been exposed to high temperature and oil for a long time, so it is generally recommended to use non-slip and dirt-resistant products. It is not recommended to use high water absorption and seepage Strongly dirty materials. It is better to use cool-toned glazed tiles of smooth or matte light-colored series. The matte tiles are delicate and have a relatively simple luster, which can create a 'fashionable' effect.
The bathroom tiles focus on non-slip, water-leakage and dirt-resistance. Light-colored or glazed tiles with better anti-slip and wear-resistant properties are enough. If the bathroom is not very large, light-colored tiles will make the space more spacious and glaze. The surface tiles have good anti-skid effect.

Some balconies are not tiled, but tiles will be better taken care of. After all, it is often windy and rainy, and clothes need to be dried. At this point, the tiles should be resistant to aging and anti-aging. The strong permeability is also the economical and affordable Minmetals small-size non-slip bricks. The color can be used with darker ones and it is easier to take care of, and it looks good with small patterns. The bedroom tiles have better warm colors, because we need a warm environment during rest, which is of great benefit to our physical and mental health. We must choose non-radiation, high-quality polished tiles.

The main skills of home decoration are probably like this, friends in need can collect them or contact us on our official website. Hope to help you.

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