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Which ceramic tile is better for kitchen and bathroom?

by:CBM     2021-06-21

Generally speaking, the tile requirements for the living room, bedroom and bathroom and kitchen of a family house are different. So, what kind of tiles are good for the toilet and kitchen of a family house? Try to choose non-slip, dirt-resistant, and easy-to-clean bathroom tiles.

First, non-slip because the toilet is an environment with very high humidity, and the kitchen is a place with a lot of oily smoke, these two environments will have a great impact on the ground. Even if ordinary tiles will not slip and fall in the living room and bedroom, there is no guarantee that they will not appear in the toilet and kitchen. Therefore, try to choose relatively non-smooth tiles with unglazed surfaces, so that you can deal with the humid environment of kitchen and toilet.

Second, resistance to dirt. I believe many people know that the toilets and kitchens are relatively easy to get dirty in all rooms in a family. Wash the toilet three times in the morning, lunch and evening, and take a shower. The kitchen is often cleaned and disposed of the cooking area, and the kitchen waste is also stored. These dirty substances are likely to remain on the surface of the tiles, so try your best Choose a tile with a lower brightness and a darker color so that it will not be too obvious even if it is a little dirty.


3. Easy to clean. As mentioned above, kitchens and toilets are often very dirty. Choose dirt-resistant tiles. But even if the tiles are stain-resistant, they should be cleaned regularly. Generally speaking, the surface of dirt-resistant tiles is not very smooth, and it will be more troublesome to clean. Therefore, in terms of cleanliness, on the basis of taking into account the non-slip and stain resistance, it is also necessary to choose tiles that are easier to clean, so that the toilet and kitchen can be kept clean. Equipping toilets and kitchens with non-slip, dirt-resistant, and easy-to-clean tiles, not only is safer to use, but also more convenient to maintain.

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