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Diamond tiles, also known as diamond glaze floor tiles, super crystal glaze tiles, diamond crystal tiles, and some are called diamond super spars. Although there are some differences in the names, the actual process technology used is not very different. The rise of diamond tiles was between 2015 and 2016. Although it has not been for a long time, due to the advantages of its own characteristics, it has already had its own place in the ceramic tile market. Many people have a certain understanding of the characteristics of diamond tiles, but are you aware of the actual types of diamond tiles?

Diamond tile glaze layer: The diamond tile glaze layer is a super-crystalline product of fully polished glazed tiles. As a kind of second-fired super-crystalline product, innovative technology makes it There is no water ripple on the surface layer, which also solves the problem of unevenness caused by large-area paving of floor tiles. The selected material of the glaze layer, the surface layer has a very bright gloss, complete patterns, and decorative. At the same time, it weakens the basic function of anti-skid. When installing and using, everyone should pay special attention to the indoor environment. For indoor spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms that often have water, it is not recommended to install diamond tiles.

Diamond ceramic tile crystallite: Diamond ceramic tile crystallite is also called glass-ceramic composite plate, which is also a new type of composite material, usually with a thickness of 13-18mm. As a composite material, the diamond ceramic tile-microcrystal combines the advantages of glass-ceramics and vitrified tiles. Dirt is not easily absorbed, and it is particularly convenient to clean in the later stage. Because there are no radioactive elements, it is particularly beneficial to our health. It is a particularly rare and valuable green product.

Diamond tiles have a particularly gorgeous decorative effect, as do diamond tile microcrystalline stones. The surface layer is hard and abrasion resistant, and its compressive strength far exceeds that of ordinary marble or granite floor tiles. The technological innovation of diamond ceramic tile microcrystalline stone makes it more suitable for a variety of house decoration places and enhances its own market share in the sales market.

Although there are two types of diamond tiles, no matter which type they are, they retain the characteristics of zero water ripple, dirt absorption, super wear resistance, and high brightness. As a kind of very decorative floor tiles, it is especially suitable for creating a low-key luxury atmosphere in hotels, clubs and other public places.

There are not many types of diamond tiles, but innovative technologies are always continuing. Everyone’s demand for home decoration is also getting higher and higher. Diamond tiles are likely to be available in the future. More and more types. At the same time, everyone also firmly believes that diamond tiles are not easy to be suitable floor tiles. In the future, more and more types of floor tiles will often appear to satisfy everyone's endless pursuit of home decoration.

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