Which is better, polished tiles, vitrified tiles and polished glazed tiles?


Polished tiles are a kind of whole body tiles. It is suitable for use in most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens, such as balcony, exterior wall decoration, etc. Polished tiles are favored by consumers because of their hardness, wear resistance, and suitable for large-scale indoor and outdoor paving.

However, the uneven pores left by the polished tiles when they are made, these pores will trap dirt and dirt, causing the surface to easily infiltrate pollutants, and even some tea water may be poured on the polished tiles. All are helpless. The polished glazed tile is a new craft tile that can be polished on the glazed surface. The polished glazed tile combines the advantages of polished tiles and antique tiles. The glazed surface is as smooth and clean as polished tiles, and its glazed colors are like antique tiles The general pattern is rich, the color is thick or gorgeous, but because the manufacturing process is more complicated, the price is relatively high.

Generally speaking, vitrified tiles are suitable for modern, simple, and lively styles, while antique tiles are more suitable for European, Mediterranean, American pastoral, Chinese, and heavy colors. style of.

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