Which is better, terrazzo tile or floor tile? How to clean terrazzo tiles well?


The terrazzo floor decoration construction is convenient and wear-resistant, and the floor tiles can be mixed at will. For this reason, more and more floors in mainland China are decorated with terrazzo tiles. The terrazzo tiles are very easy to stain with floating dust after using for a long time, and the brightness will be reduced a lot.

Which is better, terrazzo tile or floor tile:

1. In terms of the brightness of their surface, due to the terrazzo The ceramic tile production process is simple and clear, and the vent will be exposed after the surface layer is polished, so the smoothness will be reduced. The surface of the ceramic tile is cleaned by sealing the glaze, so that the dirty water does not penetrate so easily, and the surface brightness is better.

2. In terms of project cost, the production method of terrazzo tiles has relatively few process procedures. For this reason, the project cost is more cost-effective than floor tiles, which is relatively easy for consumers to accept.

3. The patterns and styles of terrazzo tiles are relatively simple, while the patterns of floor tiles are very rich, and the actual effect of decorative design is better than that of terrazzo tiles.

4. The surface brightness of the terrazzo tiles will be reduced after a long time, and the dirt will be infiltrated. They are often replaced, and the floor tiles have a long service life. Keep it beautiful.

5. In terms of the actual effect of decoration design, terrazzo tiles are relatively simple, and the actual effect of decoration design is not as good as that of floor tiles. Therefore, terrazzo tiles are suitable for the decoration of ordinary houses in public places. Elegant hall.

6. Although terrazzo tiles are inferior to floor tiles in more and more areas, terrazzo tiles still have a crucial feature, that is, their stability is relatively good, while ordinary floor tiles are used. Over time, cracks, arches, etc. will often occur. For this reason, more and more people are interested in terrazzo tiles.

How to clean terrazzo tiles?

1. Just started maintenance: completely waxed. How to clean the terrazzo tiles? The terrazzo tiles will be cleaned every day for several months after they are pasted. The surface layer of a variety of minerals is cleaned and tidy. When it is completely cleaned, the surface layer will be waxed.

2. Do it every day: use a broom to clean and remove dust. The floor covered with terrazzo tiles is removed from dust from time to time, and then polished with a chemical synthetic fiber mat.

3. Do it from time to time: Wet mopping or scrubbing with machinery and equipment. The terrazzo floor needs to be cleaned from time to time. Firstly, wet the floor with clean water, then combine with a mild detergent, wash it with a mop or vacuum, and then apply wax on the surface.

4. Do it the next day: the automatic synthetic polishing agent equipped with the terrazzo tile system is polished and polished. The terrazzo floor that is polished and maintained can also be used for many years without waxing, and the waxing can extend the time for 3 years or more.

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