Which is the best choice for tile or wood floor?


Ceramic tiles and wood floors are now common materials for home decoration, but which one is better? This may be a question that all consumers are more confused. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of wooden flooring?

Wooden floor has good elasticity, no dust, easy to clean, no moisture return, low heat storage coefficient, and is often used in living rooms, bedrooms, etc. The main types of wood flooring are: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring and so on.

Advantages of ceramic tiles

1. The heat temperature is not easy to deform (it is not much compared to the firing 1200 degrees).

2. Low water absorption, no worries of dampness.

3. Good stability, durability and long life (usually 10-20 years).

4. Fireproof, waterproof, anticorrosive and antifouling.

5. It is easy to maintain and take care of afterwards.

6. Environmental protection of materials (individual customers will raise radiation problems, which can be explained clearly. The radiation coefficient of porcelain tiles is low and negligible. Generally speaking, radiation problems refer to stone, so indoor stone is generally not laid).

7. A wide range of texture choices (wood-grain bricks can be selected if you want a wooden feel, and the texture is quite realistic).

8. There are many sizes, a variety of matching and personalized paving decoration effects.

Teach you to distinguish between ceramic tiles and wooden floors, choose not to worry

Disadvantages of ceramic tiles

1. I feel that ceramic tiles are cold in winter (for those who like to enter the house barefoot ).

2, the brick joints will become dirty and black for a long time.

Advantages of wood flooring

1. The wood has a certain degree of softness and feels comfortable on the feet.

2, the pattern is rich in texture, natural and beautiful.

3. Simple installation and construction.

4. The northern winter keeps cool, and the bedroom feels warm.

Disadvantages of wood flooring

1. Thermal expansion and contraction, composite panels absorb water, especially the southern climate is hot and humid.

2, it is easy to deform and warp after being immersed in water (you don't remember to close the window every time).

3. The north is cold in winter. If you install floor heating, you cannot use solid wood floors and other floors that need to be keeled.

4. The formaldehyde problem, especially the composite board, is particularly bad for children, and the news has been repeatedly exposed.

5. Floor paint can also make people worry.

6. The service life is relatively short (it is said that the reinforced composite board is not more than 6 years), and it is necessary to wax and maintain it frequently.

7. Be careful about cleaning and maintenance, which is troublesome.

8. After partial damage, many of them have to be replaced to look good.

9. Wood is not environmentally friendly (how many trees have to be cut down for solid wood).

Wood flooring refers to flooring made of wood. Wood flooring produced in China is mainly divided into six categories: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer composite flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring. . Okay, after reading the related content of ceramic tiles and wooden floors prepared by the editor, is it helpful to you when choosing ceramic tiles and wooden floors?

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