Which is the best engineering agency tile brand?


In recent years, the ceramic industry has experienced fierce competition and it is not as easy to do as in previous years. Customers often ask us if we can be our Guangdong floor tile engineering agent. Although it is difficult to do in the ceramics industry, it is still a promising project for brand agency. It is better than other projects and the rate of return is high. Then if you want to be a ceramic tile engineering agency, what kind of ceramic tile brand should you choose?

Currently, the production areas of ceramic tiles are Fujian, Shandong, Hebei, Guangdong, etc. If the quality of products is concerned, Foshan ceramic tiles are of course better, because Foshan is a ceramic tile. The birthplace of China has a long history, mature technology, and a strong scientific research team.

There are many ceramic tile brands in Foshan, and the quality is also uneven. Many friends who want to be agents are confused. So how to choose a ceramic tile brand as an agent? Choose a company with its own manufacturer, that quality, the supply will be stable. When choosing a ceramic tile manufacturer, you can ask the manufacturer to issue a quality inspection report, so that the quality can be assured. No matter the price, the price of Foshan floor tiles is basically transparent. Some of the prices are too low. It is recommended to investigate clearly. In many places, the price of ceramic tiles is the same as that of bricks. How can you ask, do you dare to sell such tiles to others? Then there is the policy of the ceramic tile manufacturer, whether the engineering agency is greatly supported, rewarded, and so on.

The above is just a small suggestion from Dr. Minmetals Ceramics to our friends who have consulted. I want to be an engineering agency. If I don’t know anything, I want to consult a specific engineering agency. For ideas and content, you can consult us at any time, and you are welcome to call for consultation and consultation.

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