Which materials should be used for bathroom decoration?


The design of the bathroom is basically convenient, easy to clean and beautiful. As there is often water vapor indoors, the interior decoration materials are mainly waterproof and moisture-proof materials.

(1) Ground material: The ground should be made of waterproof, dirt-resistant, non-slip granite, etc. The height should be 10-20mm lower than other grounds, and the floor drain should be lower than 10mm Left and right to facilitate drainage.

(2) Top surface material: The top surface is affected by water vapor and is prone to mold. Water-proof and heat-resistant materials are preferred. Generally, colorful molded aluminum gussets and acrylic molded ceilings are used. These materials have strong water resistance and heat insulation materials on the surface. They are ideal materials for bathroom ceilings. The specifications are mainly 120mm wide strips and 300mm*300mm squares. The surface There are two types of structure: flat and micro-empty. Acrylic molded ceilings are low in price, but they are easy to age; colorful molded aluminum gussets are expensive, but they are diverse in color and durable. They are the main materials used in modern bathroom ceilings. In addition, there are aluminum-plastic panels or calcium silicate panels, the surface of which is coated with cement paint, which is low in price and strong in water resistance.

(3) Wall material: The wall area of u200bu200bthe bathroom is large, and materials with strong water resistance, corrosion resistance and mildew resistance must be selected. Easy-to-clean tiles, marbles, mosaics, etc. have many designs and colors, and can be collaged with rich patterns. They are smooth and easy to dry. They are very practical wall materials, but they must be consistent with the color of the floor materials.

(4) Sanitary ware: The selection of sanitary ware should be coordinated with the overall arrangement. The countertops of the washbasins are generally made of natural or artificial marble and granite, and the cabinets of the wash cabinets are generally made of moisture-proof boards. Most of the basins are made of ceramics, and there are also tempered glass and stainless steel materials.

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