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Which tiles are better to take care of? Must choose a big brand?

by:CBM     2021-06-22

1. The more stain-resistant tiles include antique tiles and matte tiles, as well as darker ones. Toss glazed tiles. These types of bricks are relatively dirt-resistant, easy to clean, and relatively non-slip, suitable for laying in houses where the elderly and children live. But the disadvantage is that it is easier to seep, and once the seepage is difficult to clean.

2. Floor tiles with better antifouling performance include polished tiles, polished glazed tiles and vitrified tiles. These types of tiles have high density, low water absorption, and are not easy to absorb dirt. , But the anti-slip performance is not as good as that of antique tiles.

It mainly depends on the quality and the purpose you require. In fact, each brand has its own superior products. Some brands are famous for antique bricks, and some brands It mainly produces polished tiles, and some brands are famous for producing imitation marble tiles. Therefore, we often see that many houses are decorated with tiles of several brands, and different brands are used in different areas. Minmetals Ceramics, operating all kinds of non-slip floor tiles, home improvement engineering tiles, Foshan ceramic tiles brand, welcome to consult.

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