Why are big tiles so popular?


Whether it is in the clothing industry or the home improvement industry, 'fashion trends' are always the fashion that everyone yearns for. In the big board era, a piece of beautiful and comfortable tiles is the favorite of every master. The design elements of home decoration have brought together cultural and artistic marks. All spaces will interpret the owner’s aesthetic pleasure and taste. Big board tiles Expand the space, experience the beauty of small details, and restore it to the colors of nature.

M1821-White marble-large slab marble tile-900*1800mm

Good visual impact

Each area of u200bu200bthe large slab marble tile is very large. 'Seam connection' basically does not need extra modeling and cutting, laying one by one, the actual effect of the local is simple and stylish, and the shocking visual impact and artistic beauty cannot be compared with ordinary ceramic tiles. Especially for many large-scale walls and floors, the visual impact of the large slabs is fully brought into full play.

5-JH241220 Combination Picture-Slab Marble Tile-1200*2400mm

Good product performance

Slab marble tile All aspects of process performance have been comprehensively improved. Whether it is the actual effect of the surface layer, the water absorption rate, or the post-maintenance cleaning, etc., a huge improvement has been made. From the perspective of service life, large-slab tiles may be able to spread for a hundred years.

5-JH241206-large slab marble tile-1200*2400

has a wider range of applications

From squares, lobbies, curtain walls, exhibition halls, hotels, museums Public areas, from family living rooms, background walls, entrances, stairs, window sills, cabinets, dining tables, thresholds and other large panels are very suitable. In the slab era, slab marble tiles can be said to be an all-rounder among tiles.

Minmetals Ceramics has many styles. As a ceramic tile manufacturer with 15 years of enterprise ceramic tile production and operation, Minmetals Ceramics. We have been continuously launching new ceramic tiles with reliable quality, fair prices and high-quality services. Therefore, it is not surprising to get orders for large and small projects and home improvement from all over the world~!

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