Why are large-size tiles becoming more and more popular?


Ceramic tiles are an indispensable decoration material in home decoration. With the development of technology, the specifications of ceramic tiles are getting bigger and bigger, and they are becoming more and more popular.

 Such a large size ceramic tile, apart from what we often say, it is easy to take care of, and cut at will without waste And the characteristics of making the space more open, what other secrets you don’t know? Today, the Minmetals manufacturer will introduce several methods for laying large bricks on the wall.

1, the overall uniform type
The ground and wall are the same in color, category, or paving style, so they look neat and generous. At first glance, the spatial layout is very plump. It is precisely because of the consistent paving of tiles that achieves an orderly visual sense of chaos.

2, shape staggered type
The shape of wall tiles is different from that of floor tiles. This is a common paving method. Choosing parquet on the ground, and paving the wall with a large-size tile. The two form a sharp contrast, which also echoes each other. This contrast makes the overall layout look more three-dimensional.

3, color contrast type
Choose a different color for the ground and the wall. The deep and the shallow, the deep and the shallow, the two are quite distinct, which adds to the sense of hierarchy in the overall room.

4. Comprehensive comparison Type
The ground and the wall are relatively comparable in color or shape. The paving is rich and diversified, and the effect of paving in this way is more three-dimensional.

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