Why are slab tiles so popular now?


As the market matures, large-slab tiles are becoming more and more popular, followed by the emergence of more sizes, and the emergence of various large-size tiles continues to meet various decoration needs.

Large size ceramic tiles: more widely used, simple and atmospheric, vividly restore the natural texture of marble, leaving less seams, avoiding Contains dirt, design sense +, cutting freedom, rich specifications; unique personality, rare things are more expensive, to avoid the warping problem of poor tile flatness, and the decorative effect is more high-end!

Due to the unique texture and large-size slabs, it is applied to the ground, wall, The living room, dining room, bathroom and background wall can all be used. It can show its majestic grandeur through the integration of the wall and the ground. The unique charm displayed in open spaces, such as high-end clubs, hotels, villas, etc., is indeed worth slowly tasting.

Large-area tiles are laid out in a generous style, giving people a feeling of extension and openness, and in a large, more open space, using large-size tiles will appear simple and elegant, elegant and high-end, so Nowadays, large-slab tiles are deeply loved by many consumers.

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