Why do the tiles suddenly drum up?


Many owners will wonder why the tiles suddenly bulge after a period of renovation? In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem. First, find the key to the problem, and then we can solve this problem in depth.

First, the reason why the tiles will suddenly bulge

First, it may be because the bonding layer pasted on the bottom of the tiles does not meet the design requirements, resulting in The tiles are not firmly bonded, so it is easy to bulge the tiles.

Second, there may be no problem when the tiles are pasted, but the protection is not adequate in the later use, resulting in the tiles being laid before the lower mortar is not strong. Under excessive pressure, the tiles will suddenly bulge.

Thirdly, it may also be due to the poor laying technique of the master mason, leaving various gaps when laying the tiles, so that there is a gap between the tiles and the cement on the ground surface. Will leave a lot of bubbles and empty drums.

Fourth, it may also be because the master improperly handled the size of the gap when laying the tiles, resulting in a relatively large expansion and contraction of the base layer at the bottom of the tiles. To arch the tile layer.

2. Countermeasures to solve the sudden drumming of tiles

Understand the various reasons why the tiles will suddenly drum up Afterwards, the key aspect is to commission effective solutions for different reasons, which should be divided into the following aspects to judge.

One, for the situation where the tiles are not completely loosened. In this case, there will be operational difficulties, that is, when the swollen tiles are taken out, it is likely that the tiles will be damaged to different degrees. At this time, it is not easy to find tiles of the same size and color number to subsidize them. Pay attention to the method when prying the tiles. Use a crowbar to break the tiles from the middle to avoid damage to other tiles around. After taking it out, clean up the area with dust and impurities, and then use a special adhesive to paste it.

Second, for the situation where the tiles have been completely loosened. It is relatively simple to deal with this situation, just take out the whole piece of loose tiles, and completely clean up the dust and impurities on both sides. Then use a special adhesive to re-attach it. However, when re-attaching the tiles, you must paste them evenly and fully pay attention to the compression resistance of the tiles themselves to avoid the tile hollowing phenomenon again.

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