Why does diamond glaze change polished glazed tiles?


1. Wear resistance: poor wear resistance and insufficient hardness. Before the advent of diamond glaze, it has always been a technical bottleneck for the entire industry of polished glaze tiles. The second generation of diamond glaze adopts the 'diamond particle mixing' technology to form a molecular structure similar to C60 (diamond) on the glaze, which is 38% higher than ordinary polished glazed bricks. After industry authoritative evaluation, it solves the problem that ordinary polished glazed bricks are not wear-resistant. The fatal flaw of easy scratching;

2. Super flat mirror surface: The glazed polished tiles on the market generally have the phenomenon of reflection 'water ripplesThe second generation of diamond glaze, because the glaze used in the production process is 2.25 times that of ordinary polished glazed bricks. Through the fine polishing process, the brick surface achieves a 100% super flat mirror effect, which fundamentally solves the reflection of ordinary polished glazed bricks. 'Water ripple' problem;

3. High transparency: Compared with ordinary polished glazed tiles, the second generation of diamond glaze has the characteristics of high transparency and high brightness. This is because in the high temperature firing process of the second generation of diamond glaze, the brick surface can form a pore-free vitrified surface, making the glaze full of transparency, comparable to microcrystalline stone;

4. Performance Good: The second generation of diamond glaze has not only achieved a huge technological breakthrough, successfully solved the problem of wear resistance and hardness of polished glaze tiles, and its brick body is 1.5mm thicker than ordinary full polished glazes. Compared with ordinary fully polished glazed bricks with many impurities, yellowish grayish and other deficiencies, the diamond glaze 2nd generation bricks are white, less impurity, dense and firm, and further reduce the water absorption rate, making the overall performance more superior, and opening up the industry.

Diamond glaze has changed the understanding of polished glazed tiles inside and outside the ceramic industry by virtue of the industry's vane-style technological innovation: the original beauty and colorfulness and wear resistance are strong, not fish and bear's paw can not have both. Believe that the second generation of King Kong Glaze, the revolution of glazed tiles, will really help you eliminate the trouble and confusion of decorating and choosing bricks, and decorate you with a colorful and tasteful individual home space.

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