Why does the business recommend negative ion tiles for home improvement?


Many people ask, are negative ion tiles suitable for home decoration? Are negative ion tiles good? After testing, it was found that if negative ion tiles are laid in the room, the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air will increase a lot, because negative oxygen ions can neutralize the positive charge groups generated during human metabolism. Therefore, when someone stays in a room with negative ion tiles, they will feel very comfortable, as if they are in nature. If a humidifier is placed indoors, this effect will be more obvious.

And negative ion tiles have the function of air purification, especially for some indoor spaces where air pollution has appeared, although the overall purification can not be achieved, it can still have a certain effect. Now many When people decorate, they choose healthy and green environmental protection products. Such negative ion tiles are a good choice. They can not only play a decorative role, but also optimize the indoor air, and can achieve antibacterial and antibacterial effects. Very suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom.

The positive charge carried by the haze particles in the air of the room will be neutralized by the negative ions released by the negative ion tiles, thereby allowing the flocs to settle down, and the components in the air can also be purified , And negative ions are oxidizing, so it can also decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, so that the living environment will be more comfortable. We all know that after decoration, there will be some harmful substances in the air. Negative ions can be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, can play a role in protecting human health, can also stabilize blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and are good for children's brain development. Therefore, negative ion tiles are better for home decoration.

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