Why is the marble tile not a face


Recently I heard something like, why is marble tile not one face, every piece is the same, but one stone with multiple faces?

So let me tell you about it.

Natural marbled surface is different

Marble tiles combine natural marble and stone patterns. On the basis of marble, the weaknesses of natural marble are improved from the aspects of technology, effect, and texture, so that the tiles maintain the marble pattern and improve their performance.

Natural marble has the characteristics of different faces. The beauty of marble lies in the change in the generally consistent texture. Completely consistent, fully standardized textures are more suitable for tiles with ordinary jade and artificial stone textures, but not for marble designs that have an overall texture trend.

Marble tile pattern is made of natural marble, one stone with multiple faces

Tasting the marble tiles carefully, you will find that the texture of each batch of tiles has changed. Due to the selection of various types of marbles from all over the world, the use of high-definition scanning and 3D inkjet printing technology, combined with the inkjet bleeding process, makes the marble tiles have multiple sides, and each tile has a different texture.

The reason why we can make the difference is that when selecting the stone, we will completely intercept the texture of the cross-section of the marble to truly restore the integrity and three-dimensionality of the stone texture. On the basis of the complete stone design file, the texture is scientifically cut and divided, and the inkjet program is compiled according to a certain scheduling sequence, and the stone texture is 3D printed.

Minmetals marble tiles DJ8015 light brown mesh

Due to the large area of u200bu200bthe design file, and the standard size of marble tiles is 800mm×800mm, the production of marble tiles will be divided into two or even multiple sides for production. This is why there is a difference in texture between two marble tiles.

The design style of marble tiles is fashionable and is at the forefront of trends. We selected some of the designer's large-scale design works and selected some of them to be 3D printed on the surface of the tiles to form different textures.

Therefore, we will see that not every box of marble tiles is the same! This is the charm and strength of marble tiles, which are different, but they are laid out with strong integrity and organic unity, which will not appear to be patchwork.

The editor believes that the advantage of marble tile is that it combines the beauty of marble's natural stone pattern and the performance of the color development of the tile base, making the tile both beautiful and durable. One kind of rice raises hundreds of people, a marble tile also has many different textures, and the combination is so unified and harmonious. This is the characteristic of marble tiles.

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