Why is there a shortage or damage when receiving the goods?


Why the business has repeatedly emphasized that the driver should order a good number when the product is out of the warehouse, inspect the goods, and confirm that the number of products is correct before signing and leaving the warehouse No responsibility afterwards.

It’s not that the factory warehouse delivers less or damaged goods to customers, it’s just that it may have fallen off the road or been damaged!

No manufacturer will make a joke about the support and trust of customers. We really can’t control all kinds of accidents during transportation. A large and small manufacturer doesn’t mean that you can make money just because you don’t ship one or two boxes of goods. Yes, it’s just that there are some factors that cannot be controlled. Please understand!

Main products: polished tiles, vitrified tiles, fully polished glazed tiles, diamond tiles, negative ion tiles, wood-grain tiles, antique tiles, whole-body marble tiles, marble tiles, Large slab tiles, porcelain tiles, small floor tiles, interior wall tiles, diamond crystal tiles, porcelain polished tiles, terrazzo tiles, artistic background walls, mosaic tiles, soft light tiles, etc.

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