Why must the tiles be soaked in water? The secret of tile soaking


1. Why are the tiles soaked in water?

Soaking in water is to prevent the tiles from absorbing the moisture of the cement mortar, causing hollowing, falling off, and ugly cracks. Especially for walls, watering will be carried out before paving, which is the same reason. The tiles are more or less porous, which is normal. Soaking water before paving is to allow the pores to fully absorb water, and porcelain tiles have a higher density and a much smaller porosity, which makes the water absorption rate very low.

2. Which tiles should be soaked in water

The water absorption rate of the tiles needs to be divided into tiles. The water absorption rate is small, and when paving There is no need to soak in water, and the glazed wall tiles and floor tiles used in kitchens and bathrooms generally have a relatively large water absorption rate, so it is necessary to soak when paving. Of course, if it is a tile with low water absorption, there is no need to soak.

3. How to soak the tiles in water

Since 'soaking in water' is said, all the tiles must be immersed in water. Generally, the construction party will prepare in advance A big basin. However, there are also some irresponsible construction teams who pile up the tiles and pour water directly on them with water pipes. This can only soak the tiles and not make the tiles fully 'satisfied'. Various problems are likely to occur after paving. .

4. How long is it suitable to soak?

Because different tiles have different water absorption rates, there is no specific standard. But the result is that the tiles are required to 'drink' the water until no more bubbles. Those with high water absorption will soak longer. In rainy weather, the time is shortened because the air is relatively humid, and when the hot weather is dry, the time increases accordingly.

5. Can the tiles that have been soaked in water be returned?

Generally, we will consider the loss when buying tiles, so when we buy tiles, everyone will have more Buy some, and after the tiles are soaked in water, the color will darken, and the color will still be different compared with brand new tiles. So when you are laying and pasting, use a few pieces to soak a few pieces. Don't soak them all at once. Otherwise, if there is a problem, you can't return it, which causes unnecessary losses.

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