Why should there be seams on the tiles?


1. Why should the tiles be seam?

1. Any object itself is stored in the coefficient of expansion associated with the temperature, leaving a seam can well avoid the phenomenon of tile fracture and arching caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the ceramic tile due to the temperature difference.

2. If the tiles do not leave seams during the paving construction, it is easy to have uneven paving. In fact, this is not Due to the quality problem of the ceramic tile product itself, it is because the mud moisture is uneven during the paving construction mixing mud. After the construction is completed, the mud is highly condensed to produce uneven tension and cause unevenness. Leaving joints is a good way to avoid this type. The problem occurred.

3. The regular lines produced by the tile joints paving can achieve a certain three-dimensional effect. At the same time, its role not only beautifies the overall effect of paving space, but to a certain extent is also a greater relief of visual fatigue.

4. In the future maintenance and maintenance can also be added convenience, for example: due to the accidental fall of heavy objects caused by man-made tiles damage, if Once the seams are left, the damaged tiles can be easily replaced instantly.

Second, the standard for leaving seams when paving?

Actually, there is no fixed standard for the seam. Generally, the seam should be 1.5~5mm. In addition, according to the actual factors such as the type of brick and tile, the size of the specification, and the size of the overall area of u200bu200bthe paving, the better standard that should be adopted during construction is determined.

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