Why use crosses when laying tiles?


1. Ceramic tiles have problems of thermal expansion and contraction

Ceramic tiles and pasted cement mortar will have thermal expansion and contraction problems. In the process of temperature or moderate changes, ceramic tiles and cement mortar will have a certain degree of expansion and contraction. If there are no gaps, it will cause the tiles to bulge or crack in the later use process, which is time-consuming and troublesome for the family to bring to the family. Inconvenient to come.

2. Ceramic tile size error

Although the current ceramic tile is mechanized production, there will be a certain size error in the product production process. If there is no gap, It is easy to appear uneven joints when the tiles are pasted, which affects the appearance of the tiles.

3. There are errors in the construction of workers.

Tile paving is a link that requires high proficiency of the construction workers, and it is impossible for the workers to do the paving during the paving process. There are no errors in each tile. In addition, the effects of tiles laid at different times and under different conditions will be different. If no seams are left, the straightness of the tile splicing gaps cannot be guaranteed, which affects the continuity of tile paving.

So the tile cross is a plastic product used to adjust the size of the tile gap during the tile construction process. The use of tile cross paving not only improves the efficiency of the gap paving , And greatly improve the consistency between the seam and the seam.

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