Will the massage bathtub have electricity leakage


For many friends,I believe that buying a suitable massage bathtub is still very fascinating.thinking about after a long and tiring day ,when you lie on it, the water will rush out, the massage function can make you quite comfortable,But someone may also worried about its safety when using it, after all, the massage bathtub use electricity. Will it be not safe if it leaks? How to ensure safety when using it? Today I will discuss this kind of building construction materials issue for you. Before explaining this problem, we must first understand the principle of the massage bathtub.

Principle of massage bathtub

Simplely speaking, a massage bathtub is a bathtub where the water stream acts as a massage by the masseur. Its general principle is that there are generally two or more unequal water inlets at the bottom of the bathtub. When the water level in the bathtub reaches a certain height, turn on the bathtub massage function, and the bathtub motor will start to rotate. Water is sucked in from the bottom water inlet, and then flows out of the bathtub through a specific pipe (probably the position of the back when a person is lying down), but in the process of flowing out from the water inlet to the water outlet, the motor mixes air into the water from the water outlet What comes out is actually a column of water mixed with air and water, which rushes on a person's acupoints to achieve a massage effect.

Will there be a problem of leakage?

Because the electric water pump is generally designed on the massage bathtub, electricity is indispensable, so everyone has been worried about leakage. In fact, there is no need to worry about this, as long as there are several reasons.

1. As a one-stop bathroom facility supplier, CBM has many years of  experience of choosing better product for customer. As long as the quality of the massage bathtub is reliable, the current regular bathtubs are separated from water and electricity, that is to say, the motor water pump and the bathtub The water in it is separated. As long as there is no obvious sealing problem in the motor, there will be no leakage.

2. The power of the bathtub motor is not very large, and there is no large voltage, and it is difficult to leak electricity. The bathtub motor uses a voltage of 220V and a power of 1000W. Compared with home appliances such as induction cookers and refrigerator air conditioners, this is simply a pediatrics. The leakage of electrical appliances of this power is relatively small. You can compare the leakage of large electrical appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners in your own home

After my explain ,do you still have doubts?  Contact CBM building construction materials Team member !

Let’s purchase a suitable massage bathtub and start to enjoy comfortable SPA.

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