Winter tile sticking method


We all know that after the new house is decorated and moved in, many tiles will fall off for no reason, or show hollowing. Even during the warranty period, the workers are repairing, which will bring a lot of trouble. There are a lot of precautions during construction, and it is not just a simple post on the wall, especially in the case of low temperature in winter.

One: The indoor temperature should be moderate

There are many advantages in winter decoration. The requirements for ceramic tiles are very high. For example, when the indoor temperature is minus seven or eight degrees Celsius, it is not appropriate to post tiles. Otherwise, the cement mortar is mixed unevenly, or some silt even contains ice, which will inevitably have a great impact on the tiles after being posted. The construction room temperature is not lower than minus 5 degrees Celsius.

Two: There are methods for empty drums

The empty drums of tiles make consumers very annoyed The main reasons are that the adhesive layer mortar is thin, the cement paste has been dried during paving, the pollutants on the reverse side of the board have not been cleaned, and people are walking or heavy pressure early in the maintenance period. For example, the adhesive layer mortar should be dry, and it should be spread on the ground. The water-cement ratio of the cement paste is 1:2 (volume ratio) during paving. Do not use cement flour for paving. During the maintenance period, the board should be installed to prevent walking on the surface. If hollowing occurs, it should be reworked and resurfaced. The method is to take out the hollow floor tiles, suck them up with a suction cup, hang them straight out, and then pave them according to the standard requirements.

In the winter paving process, consumers do not need to worry about whether the adhesion of the tiles is strong, as long as it is at 0℃ The paving can be done above, and there is no need to worry about problems such as 'tiles won't stick.

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