Wolf Warriors 2 hot screen, domestic bathroom as self-improvement


At the moment, a movie directed by Wu Jing, Wolf Warriors 2, was born, breaking the box office record of a Chinese film. It was so popular that it ignited the heroic complex of the Chinese people. Why Wolf Warriors 2 is so popular? One is the innovation of the film, and the other is the quality that the main creators 'desperately' make. This film shows the power of the country. Only when you are strong will you not be beaten, so you can stand firmly in the world. Just as, national sanitary ware enterprises also need to be independent and innovate, so as not to be eliminated by the market, to step out of the country and shine on the world stage.

How to make domestic bathroom self-reliance

In the blue ocean of sanitary ware industry, such as Kohler of the United States, TOTO of Japan, Roca of Spain, etc. have always dominated The domestic high-end sanitary ware market, while domestic brands have been focusing on the low-end market. Therefore, it has become a general trend to make more efforts in technology content and sales services to develop and build high-end domestic sanitary ware brands.

Wolf Warrior 2 hot screen domestic bathroom should be self-reliant

find the international positioning product design Keeping close to the needs of foreign markets

How domestic sanitary products can win the favor of foreign consumers and meet their individual needs is very important. This requires domestic sanitary ware companies to fully understand the needs of foreign consumers and make targeted efforts. These requirements are integrated into the product design to shape the distinctive personality or image of the company's products, and pass this image to them vividly, so that the company's products can determine an appropriate position in the international market. Therefore, the author believes that whoever can find the correct international positioning will eventually win the foreign market.

Deepen the concept of 'going out' and broaden export channels

The 'going out' of domestic sanitary ware companies is not the ultimate goal, but to truly achieve an international foothold. It is not simply to sell products, but to establish a Chinese brand and become a builder of a new order and pattern in the international market. However, taking root internationally is not easy. It requires sanitary ware entrepreneurs to have long-term vision and extraordinary courage, and they must not be blind. In the early stage of opening the international market, domestic sanitary ware companies need to strengthen infrastructure and expand product export channels. Only basic skills are needed. It can only be achieved if it is solid and internationally based.

Original design creates the road of 'Made in China' development

Any entrepreneur with ideals hopes that his career can go to the next level. Promising sanitary ware companies are of course inseparable from the open market. Today, when the domestic sanitary ware market demand growth is slowing, more and more sanitary ware companies realize the importance of 'going out of the countryWhat? Undoubtedly, only the original design 'created in China' can finally promote the domestic bathroom to the international market.

To sum up, domestic sanitary wares work hard on product positioning, design, and channels. This is a breakthrough to strengthen the brand. Sanitary ware people need the spirit of 'craftsman' and unique polished products, and then find More export channels will promote products to the international stage and set a benchmark for China's creation.

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