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Working principle of fire door monitoring system

by:CBM     2021-06-04
Working principle of fire door monitoring system
The monitoring system is to install a release device on the normally closed movable fire door. Normally, the low voltage output DC24V working voltage to the fire door, so that the door leaf of the fire door is positioned, and the door is kept in the normally open state; receiving in case of fire After the fire-fighting linkage signal or signal, the door body is released after power failure, the left and right doors are powered off respectively (with a delay of about 6 seconds), the left and right doors of the fire door are closed sequentially under the action, and the release action signal is fed back at the same time, if the fire door needs to be fed back The closing signal needs to be increased.

The normally closed fire door monitoring system is mainly composed of two parts: the main body and the split body. One is integrated inside the main body. The split body is a permanent magnet. When the split body is close to the main body, the magnetic force inside the main body When it is turned on, the current signal can be passed to the controller to feedback the closed door information. The fire door monitoring system is split and integrated. Different schemes can be selected according to different environmental conditions, and the composition of the scheme is also different.
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